Niki Flacks

Acting with Passion

Scheduled Workshops:

Like no other acting technique!
— Florence Perrier, Paris

The Workshops:

Acting with Passion

In four half days you experience the ground-breaking approach to acting that can produce emotions on cue, quiet the critical voice in your head and produce the physical freedom of a spontaneous, responsive body.

Acting with Passion “Tune Up”

For actors who want to explore the Acting with Passion experience more deeply, or simply want a refresher and the fun of re-connecting with this work.

"Can I Teach This?"

Designed for acting teachers who have done Acting with Passion and wish to incorporate these concept into their own actor training.  An intense, hands-on three days exploring the neuroscience body connections and the psychological/emotional journey in giving actors the ability to "Tune" themselves with ease.  The book, Acting with Passion (Methuen Drama Bloomsbury) is required reading!


For actors who have experienced Acting with Passion and wish to focus this approach on the challenges of comedy.  Learning to ‘land a line’, bite cues and at the same time play comedy with the absolute emotional commitment of serious drama.


Applying the Acting with Passion approach to Shakespeare scenes and monologues, thus experiencing the sheer joy of how clear and easy Shakespeare can be when the critical voice is quiet, the body alive and emotions flowing.


Rehearsal to Performance in Five Days

Only open to actors who have experienced Acting with Passion, this challenging and thrilling workshop gives actors the opportunity to work on roles from our best playwrights—in active rehearsal, not getting bogged down in endless text analysis.  The amazement in both audience and cast is the quality of performance and emotional intensity that can be produced in such a short time.

Auditions:  A Chance to Shine

Approaching auditions in the unique Acting with Passion way, means the body stays alive and energized, the actor makes ‘choices’ that are physical rather than intellectual and the auditors see you brimming with talent.

Directing:  A Unique Approach 

Niki Flacks’ success as a director has come from her fresh take on the critical ways a director can support and inspire actors to illuminate a text with vivid emotional truth while they physically take ownership of their characters.  In this hands-on workshop she coaches and guides directors to try daring, unconventional approaches to the art of directing.

Performing a Song

Every actor should be able to perform at least one song.  This workshop is for experienced singers and for neophytes.  The focus is on bringing the song’s words to life with vibrant emotional truth and physical ease that creates natural gesture and the impression of total confidence, even at auditions.